1. These terms and conditions made today between M's N-Life Ayur Solutions LLP, A company Incorporated under the act section 1 2(1)(b) of the LLP Act 2008, having its Registered office at N-Life Ayur Solutions No.86, 10th main 3d stage, 1St Block, Basaveshwara Nagara, Manjunatha Nagara, Bangalore-560010 of the one part and the applicant (herein ofter referred to as the distributor) of the other part, the name and address of whom are mentioned in the respective columns of the application form.
  2. All distributors should upload their KYC is mandatory.
  3. All distributors should make left and right two direct sponsors.
  4. All distributors should have to maintain average 4 pair PV per month to receive their MFA.
  5. The company does not make any renewal fees Or yearly registration fees, the distributors is free to do business for life time with the company.
  6. The company cannot be held responsible in any legal issues for brouchers are products or any other communications printed by the distributors.
  7. High standard of honesty and integrity in the N-Life Ayur Solution Business should be followed by every distributor.
  8. Each Distributor should present the company's business plan accurately and honestly, clearly portraying the level of hard work and effort required by each distributor to achieve success.
  9. No Distributor should make any negative remarks about the company, its products, offices, employees and other distributors in any media or public forum.
  10. Each Distributor should be respectful to the company and its business and cause no harm to the image and goodwill of the company.
  11. Any fraudulent act in promoting the company's business at the expense of the company and fellow distributors will not be tolerated
  12. Inform the management immediately of any fraudulent activity which any. Distributor has knowledge about which can harm the reputation the company.
  13. After purchasing and became distributor of the company, the activated distributor can only refer or introduce or recommend products of our company to others.
  14. The distributors shall receive his/her incentives for introduction/referrals in terms of the marketing success plans as indicated on the company's website.
  15. For one pan card, one reward will be given.
  16. The distributor has read the entire agreement and he / she shall be bound by all the terms & conditions stipulated under this agreement.
  17. Every distributor is respected to follow the rules and regulations of N-Life Ayur Solutions LLP at all times.
  18. The company holds all rights to modify the rules and regulations and plan and products which will be revealed through the website.